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Coworking is not well known in Brussels. A lot of freelance, entrepreneurs, and teleworkers find themselves confined to the walls of their homes because they don’t know there is a solution to improve their business, productivity and happiness. The solution is working together with other people in their same situation in one of the coworking spaces that exist in the region.

Coworking reduces economic friction among these professionals and accelerates economic and knowledge exchange, improving not only the lives and businesses of those that cowork, but also the economy of the region and of the nation.

With this in mind, the owners of four coworking spaces in Brussels got together and decided to launch the Coworking Week Brussels: Ramon Suarez (Betacowork), Anis Bedda(transforma.bxl), Bernard Perelsztejn (Loft) and David Sdika (Factory Forty). With this initiative they want to increase the visibility of coworking among the citizens of Brussels, in the media, and among the legislators and authorities. With this we will bring business success and happiness to a lot of lonely freelancers, entrepreneurs, and teleworkers.

The core of the Coworkging Week Brussels is to bring together all the coworking spaces in Brussels and organize a week of free open doors to showcase all the spaces, packed with events at the different coworking spaces.

The first edition of the Coworking Week Brussels will start on Monday March 23 2015 and end on the 28 with the Coworking Belgium Unconference.

If you want to participate with your space

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  • The name of your space
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  • The rss feed of your blog
  • What are you going to organize / offer during the week. If you come up with new ideas you can let us know as you launch them.

We will get back to you ASAP and coordinate your inclusion in this page.

If you want to participate as a coworker

To take advantage of the open coworking week in Brussels, signup via the links below to any space you want to try out… or even better a combination of them so you have a better view of their qualities and communities. These spaces exceptionally offer coworking for free, you just have to follow the links and signup via the forms they provide.

Also check the events organized by each space (some may require registration) and subscribe to their blogs and newsletters: we will try to add the events in the Coworking Belgium website, but you want to make sure you don’t miss a single opportunity.

Right now the spaces participating are:

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