The First Ever Brussels Coworking Week Is Coming

where's Wally? │donde está Wally? (Explore 04/01/2013)A couple weeks ago I decided to organize a lunch with the owners of  four coworking spaces I know and feel that have a common coworking thread. At the table where Anis Bedda (transforma.bxl), Bernard Perelsztejn (Loft) and David Sdika (Factory Forty) and myself, Ramon Suarez (Betacowork). I knew all of them and they all knew each other; we had all talked multiple times in Brussels and at international coworking conferences; but we had never sat down together to talk about how to spread the word about coworking and bring happiness to a lot of lonely freelancers, entrepreneurs, and teleworkers.

In this lunch we decided to co-organize and launch the first ever Brussels Coworking Week. The idea is to bring together all the coworking spaces that are in Brussels and organize a week of open doors, pack it with events and bring a bit of press coverage. We will close the week with the second Coworking Belgium Unconference. The Coworking Belgium Unconference has been postponed. We are working on a bigger national event :)

To participate click here

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PS: we thought and said good things about you Axel ;)

3 thoughts on “The First Ever Brussels Coworking Week Is Coming

  1. It’s a bit unclear to me what exactly would be expected of us if we want to participate with our own space. Would you be willing to clarify?


    1. Open doors to host people for free during that week, events, anything you can think of that would make others talk and think coworking :)


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