State of Coworking in Belgium 2014 (work in progress)

Last Thursday I had the chance to speak at the annual conference of BOBCA , the Belgian Office and Business Center Association. Anis Bedda invited me to talk about the current state of coworking in Belgium. This was a great opportunity to update our map of Belgian coworking spaces with the help of Sara Magnabosco.

The hardest part of talking about coworking in Belgium is the lack of a clear definition. This is why I launched a discussion on the global coworking discussion group to agree on the basic elements of coworking as a first step to work towards a definition and to be able to add and remove spaces from the map.

The definition is a work in progress (WIP). As we are working on it, the spaces in the map may change. Check the current elements in the presentation and  contribute to the discussion with your own ideas, so that we can progress more in stablishing a Belgian and/or Global definition of coworking.