We have updated the map of coworking spaces in Belgium

With the information we got from you and our research, we have updated the map of coworking spaces in Belgium. We have not visited most of them yet, so we count on you to filter out those that have closed, are not really coworking spaces, or we are missing. 

We have use a simple set of criteria:

  • They have to call themselves coworking or include a coworking area.
  • They have to be a real coworking, not just an open office or hot desk area. For this they have to have a host to help the coworkers connect and organize events (not just administrative and reception desk work.) This information we get from our own visits and from feedback we get.

To make this map we have used the Google Maps pin of the spaces. Some are not there yet. What is wrong with you people! You really want to make it harder for possible clients and event attendees to find you?