Proposed discussions for @cobelgium


@Cobelgium is almost there! Participants are starting to know each other and to submit their topics.

Judging from the topics that have already been proposed, we all have similar
doubts, worries and challenges to face. Here are some of the topics we are going to talk about (more to come!):

  • Coworking plans & formulas: is it better to offer just one or multiple coworking plans?
  • Coworking Handbook: What’s in?
  • How to foster communication and collaboration among members?
  • How to increase added-value and ROI to our members?
  • Too much noise in the coworking space? What are the solutions?
  • What kind of events to organize in a coworking space?
  • How can we bring clients out of their houses if they don’t know coworking?
  • What about creating an association of Belgian coworking spaces?

The ideas will be distributed among the available slots and the participants will vote with their feet: they will go to the ones that they find more interesting. We are looking forward to more and more topics for discussion, before and during the unconference.

You don’t have your ticket yet? You’d better hurry :)

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