Meet the @cobelgium participants: Margarita Kyprianou, Marketing Assistance at Media Trends

Margarita is project assistant manager at Europe for Business, a strategic operations consultancy. She is passionate about Entrepreneurship and Innovation and she is joining the Unconference because coworking is in an infant stage in her country,  Cyprus, and as a result  she would like to learn as much as possible about it. 

Experienced consultant in National Programs at GrantXpert Consulting Ltd., company which contribute to the improvement of competitiveness and financial viability
of Cypriot organizations through their participation in funded
projects. Moreover, she was also the Communication and Administrative Officer at Diogenes Business Incubator, which enforces the transformation of Cyprus into an important business center in the area of high technology and innovation through supporting the creation and development of innovative start-ups.

Holder of a MBA Master through a full scholarship award, she wants to learn more about the world of entrepreneurship and innovation.

You can contact Margarita on Facebook and LinkedIn.