Inputs wanted!

The Coworking Belgium Unconference 2014 is happening this Saturday! We are looking for more and more topics for discussion (and for more and more participants interested in coworking, the more the merrier :)

We invite you to check our open document to see the subjects that have already been proposed.

If you would like to talk about a coworking related subject or propose an open discussion, add it to the document (here you can find some ideas). If you have any feedback on the proposed ideas, add them to the comments and feedback session. New ideas are also welcome during the unconference.

This is an Unconference, don´t be shy to talk in public. It enforces the discussion, the exchange of ideas and experiences. If you have to say something about coworking, we will listen to you! :)

The ideas will
be distributed among the available slots and the participants will vote
with their feet
: they will go to the ones that they find more

We are writing about the participants on the blog, so you will see more and more faces coming up soon. Get your ticket for the Coworking Belgium Unconference and don’t forget to submit your topic!

See you on Saturday!

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