Vote with your feet at @cobelgium (how the unconference works)

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If you are wondering about how the Coworking Belgium Unconference is going to work, it is very simple. We don’t get all Victorian about it, nor it is a walk in the park, but it involves walking.

The subjects of discussion and their format (presentation, group discussion, workshop, etc.) are decided during the unconference and then organized in tracks. The time is divided in blocks of 20 minutes. Before each group of talks the people leading the talk will do a micro presentation of the subject that they want to discuss. They each have 30 seconds to say the basics of the content and why is it interesting. If a subject has such a great discussion that it needs to go over the 20 minutes it can be added as a later block.

We encourage submitting your subjects of discussion ahead, but new subjects will be added during the unconference. The choice of subjects will be done by the participants directly at the unconference using post-its. 

And what about this thing on voting with your feet? Easy, you walk to the talk that interests you and if it is not what you want you are encouraged to leave and go to another talk or just stay outside and talk with the other participants around. That’s the vote that really matters :) 

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