Meet the @cobelgium participants: Stefano Borghi, founder of @WeCoPass and photographer

Stefano is the cofounder of CoPass, a global membership that gives you access to a network of independent
coworking spaces, fablabs, hacker spaces and other collaborative spaces
and people with one single account. He is in charge of imagining and crafting products and of implementing them.

Stefano is also a professional photographer and can be found in most coworking conferences around the world making sure that we are all at our best.

He often travels to Rome, where he founded the coworking space Cowo360 (created in 2007 along with Elisabetta Frasca). In 1999 he started a project of photo editing and web design called Spazio360, a wide opened service integrating digital processing, illustrations, 3D and web in order to assist visual communication professional workers and help them out.