What subjects would you like to discuss at the Coworking Belgium Unconference?

The Coworking Belgium Unconference is almost here! We have created an open document to start collecting subjects for the conferences and discussion groups.

If you would like to talk about a coworking related subject or propose an open discussion, add it to this document (here you can find some ideas.) New ideas will are also welcome during the unconference.

Don’t be afraid of speaking in public. This is a reduced setup of peers, discussing coworking topics in small groups to share our experience and ideas :) Unconferences encourage discussion! :)

The ideas will be distributed among the available slots and the participants will vote with their feet: they will go to the ones that they find more interesting.

If you have any feedback on the proposed ideas, add them to the comments and feedback session.

We are adding the participants to the event website, so you will see more and more faces coming up. Get your ticket for the Coworking Belgium Unconference and don’t forget to submit your topic :)