The 1st Coworking Belgium Unconference is happening on May 24!

What is the Coworking Belgium Unconference?

The Coworking Belgium Unconference is a participant driven conference of coworking space owners and operators that want to share their knowledge, experience, and worries.

Its content is generated by the participants themselves in the same way it is done in other unconferences and barcamps: different tracks are available and the participants propose what they will talk about in 20 minute blocks.


After years of coworking development in Belgium, we still don’t have a meeting point for all the coworking space owners and operators to meet and talk about coworking.

We all share the challenges of running a coworking business and have a wealth of knowledge to share.  The better we know each other and our business the better coworking will be known in Belgium and the more successful coworking spaces there will be.

We decided to setup an unconference because it is the most collaborative way of talking and learning about coworking.

Who can participate

Anybody that owns, operates or wants to open a coworking space.

How can I Participate

You can:

  • Attend, listen, ask, propose, and participate as audience in the sessions.
  • You can present your own topic in a 20 minute session (ideas here). If your topic is long, break it into smaller topics.

The participants choose which session to attend right before each one of them. If we have enough submissions, there will be more than one session at the same time.

When will the Coworking Belgium Unconference take place?

On Saturday, May 24.

How much will it cost and how do I sign up?

We don’t know yet, More information soon (see below)

How do I receive the latest news?

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Where will it take place?

At Betacowork Coworking Brussels, 4 rue de Peres Blancs, 1040, Etterbeek, Brussels

Ideas, questions, suggestions?

Post them in the comments!

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