Map of Coworking Spaces in Belgium

We are updating the map and evaluating all the spaces to make sure they fit our definition of a coworking space: expect changes

Here’s a convenient map with what we consider are true coworking spaces in Belgium. To add your space to the map of coworking spaces fill the form below. If there’s a mistake or you want to update some information contact us.

Filling the form and ticking the boxes does not guarantee inclusion. We have to assess the veracity of your claims and if your space is really in the spirit of coworking. This is a volunteering effort, so the whole revision process and inclusion in the map is done when we find time to devote to it, take it easy. Any effort to try to force us into including your space or meanness will result in the immediate drop of your request. When we take a decision we cannot enter into long discussions about them, so our decissions as curators of the map are final and cannot be argued. You can resubmit after one year stating what you think has changed and merits that we go over it again.

We only add coworking spaces: if you just have an open space, a shared office, or a business center you don’t belong in this list. Make your own :)

These are the elements that we will take into account to update the map, based on the discussion on the definition of the common elements of coworking spaces  we had in the Coworking Global Discussion Group . We work on the spirit of these guidelines, rather than a legalistic interpretation of the actual wording, keep that in mind. To be considered a coworking space it must:

  • Call itself a coworking space.
  • Have a fully dedicated space for coworking (not just a few hours or a cafeteria shared with patrons).
  • Have an active community of members, not just clients.
  • Have  a facilitator dedicated to connect the members and build trust among them, engaging in activities to build the coworking community.
  • Treat coworkers as 1st class clients.
  • Promotes and encourage collaboration, interaction and serendipity.
  • Offer one or many kinds of membership (full or part time)
  • Not discriminate (Open decision-making:  set explicit, transparent, public limits on who can be a member and how they can participate; does not have implicit or hidden rules or processes for determining or excluding potential members).